A downloadable game

Need For Seed: Dublin Drift is a demo game I made for a Master's solo project. Control a bird of your choosing as you fly around a real life map of Dublin. Beat your personal best time - unfortunately this didn't end up becoming the enjoyable game I intended it to be as I ran out of time to work on the gameplay because flying mechanics turned out to be far more complex than I expected, and I had no idea of all the extra things to think about with how the bird moved, how it collided with objects, and so on.

I had intended to make this a racing game with AI opponents to beat, but I had to scale everything back in the end. This was a great exercise in when to admit I'm beat and not keep struggling with the same feature that isn't working, plus I learnt to make a nice game environment with a real map. I also came away from this project with a lot of experience with colliders, rigidbodies and different types of physics movement.

Features working:

  • Real map of Dublin with exaggerated building heights from a map api with manually added 3d assets (trees, benches, bridges, water)
  • Other birds in the sky and people and cars below following their own semi-random navmesh paths. Birds squawk when close and cars beep.
  • Dart and Luas with their own routes and noises.
  • 2 collectables - food and checkpoints
  • Collision between bird at speed and buildings mostly accurate
  • Challenging / too hard flying mechanic with 2 bars, energy and turbo
  •  3 playable birds with their own cries and stats
  • Save your best score (quickest time) and attempt to beat that record.

Development log