Coconut Lob 1.2

Fixed various buttons from not working as they were supposed to, by using animator to hide and show them.

Couldn't sort out the wacky physics of my coconuts being thrown, I think it's just because the player moving and my desire to have coconuts move slow enough to SEE makes it look wrong, whatever direction you move in it seems like you've spun a coconut over the wrong direction... if I had the projectile moving faster it would seem more accurate but it doesn't work so much with a bowling type intention like I had with coconuts. Apparently bowling balls are very complex things and physics is also complex, so don't try to make a bowling game with physics when you don't know anything about either. Or do, and just set it in space!

Anyway it's only a small project and I have a lot of other work to do so I'll just park it here, in the graveyard of small games I wish I had more time to mess with! Happy to have learnt so much (from a starting point of so little) about how to work with real maps, and c#, honestly still don't know much at all but as I really couldn't understand the documentation for mapbox I was mostly on my own here and for that - I am very happy that my buildings can be destroyed.


CoconutLob Standalone 71 MB
Apr 16, 2019

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